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2020 year in review

Ever-growing network of NEDs: 2020 year in review

Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO


This holiday season offers us a chance to look back on the past 12 months and reflect upon the resilient efforts of each of us and for all that we have accomplished together.


We started 2020 with our in-person knowledge and networking events, discussing the implications of the UK Corporate Governance Code for non-executive directors, and introducing high-growth companies and entrepreneurs to our members to create board opportunities. From March 2020, NEDonBoard became a virtual institute, pivoting its operations to support its members and the broader non-executive and board community with relevant and actionable content. We hosted or contributed to over 30 virtual knowledge and networking events from March to December 2020 and enriched our platform with highly topical content on cybersecurity, diversity and inclusion, climate change and crisis management. While I enjoyed every single one of our events, I am particularly proud of our exceptionally insightful Diversity & Inclusion Board Best Practice® panel discussion and the events organised in partnership with the Cabinet Office and the Department of Education.



As we transitioned to a virtual institute for NEDs and board members, we attracted international members, from Continental Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In the process, we facilitated the attendance of professionals based across the UK to our events. NEDonBoard has been more strongly positioned to encourage its members to leverage the numerous resources of the platform. Member engagement increased, a fantastic reward for a professional membership body!


NEDonBoard posted an average of 20 new NED opportunities weekly on the jobs board and has seen an increase in the proportion of paid roles. Our “NED introduction to businesses” events in partnership with the RBS and Natwest entrepreneur accelerators have created advisory board and non-executive opportunities. Congratulations to all of you that have secured roles in 2020! We are proud to have played a part in your success.


In 2020, NEDonBoard introduced two new self-paced and entirely online training courses, providing aspiring and experienced non-executive directors the flexibility they need to develop their knowledge and skills on modern and contemporary boardroom topics. We have trained hundreds of first-time non-executive directors with the NED Accelerator® Programme and are absolutely delighted to celebrate the first appointment of our graduates! We recently introduced the Modern Board Member Masterclass, which has been very well received by members of nomination committees, board members and professionals responsible for the professional development of boards of directors.


While 2020 was filled with vast uncertainties, challenges, and opportunities in every aspect, we want to be thankful to the amazing people that have kept NEDonBoard moving forward.

We thank our loyal members and partners for their continued support, agility, and enthusiasm to learn and connect in a virtual environment and make the most of their membership in an exceptionally challenging year.

We thank our contributors and speakers for stepping up to share their expertise with us and transfer their knowledge to other non-executive directors and board members. Please visit the NED Library to access the webinars, notably our Crisis Management series.

We thank our team for their hard work, commitment, and resilience to deliver value to our members.


Warm wishes of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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