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“It is very important to be part of a network that is looking at best practices and how you do things in the boardroom, to be better at what you do and be more informed.”

Sir James Wates, Chairman of the Wates Group, Chair of the coalition group that developed the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies, non-executive director and NEDonBoard member

Elevate your impact in the boardroom and become an agent of change with best practice principles and non-executive director training from NEDonBoard. Our industry-driven insights and support will help you to enhance your knowledge, become an effective board member, and safeguard your reputation for years to come.

In this section, NEDonBoard presents our complete library of resources for non-executive directors and board members to perform at their best. Explore our Board Best Practice® panel recordings, expert interviews, webinars, NED training courses, online education, certification and wide array of other professional development resources.


Want to become a non-executive director? The path to becoming a non-executive director is much more predictable than you might think. Based on numerous years of experience and success stories, you can trust the UK professional body for non-executive directors and board members to guide you along the way.

With the right tools, guidance and strategies, you will secure interviews and ultimately build a portfolio of NED roles that you enjoy. Non-executive director training from NEDonBoard, including our NED Accelerator® Programme, provides all the tools that new and experienced NEDs and board members require to reach their full potential in the boardroom.

Free Webinar: How do you secure your first non-executive role?

Transition successfully to non-executive directorship.

Join our next webinar designed for senior business leaders looking to transition to non-executive directorship and wanting to understand the process to become a NED.

2020 Non-Executive Director Chair Free Course Webinar NEDonBoard

The NED Accelerator Programme by NEDonBoard

Are you aspiring or transitioning to the boardroom? Fast-track to the non-executive director and board roles. Secure a NED role more efficiently and faster with our entirely online programme.

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Recently appointed to a board role? The Modern Board Member Masterclass gives you the foundational knowledge and confidence you need to be effective and make an impact at your next board meeting.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the core responsibilities of NEDs and board members to ensure that you positively and constructively contribute to boardroom debates on contemporary topics for the sustainable success of the organisation on which you serve.

In-house Induction & Training for effective NED and board member

These specialised trainings are tailored to your company and organisation need. Newly appointed non-executive directors (NEDs), board members and those who are looking for a formal board training benefit from this program. Please email us to develop your skills and broaden your horizon.

The Modern Board Member Masterclass

The Masterclass is designed for recently appointed board members and directors looking to position themselves as a future-fit board member, knowledgeable about modern and contemporary governance and ESG topics.
The course cover key areas of board responsibilities with content in the form of presentations, interviews with experienced NEDs and chairs and Board Best Practices publications.


Seasoned board member? Our NED training courses can benefit you too. Elevate your impact in the boardroom by staying current with boardroom developments, changing regulations, digital transformation, and best practices. Investing in your professional development with our continual learning opportunities is the surest route to protecting your reputation and discharging your duty as a director and board member.

Sitting on a board is a collaborative process. Every member brings their own unique expertise, wisdom and experience to the table. With non-executive director training from NEDonBoard you can tap into the knowledge of the extensive NED community and engage with your peers. Broadening both your network and your skillset.

Insights from the NEDonBoard community

Access topical and relevant information from your peers on a range of governance issues. Uncover the resources available to you as a non-executive director and board member to assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities and duties and protecting your reputation.

Non Executive Directors -  Board Best Practices

Board Best Practices ®

Board Best Practices® enable you to access established and emerging best practices for the boardroom. NEDonBoard members gain exclusive access to benchmarked best practices for modern, strong and effective governance. This is the ideal professional development resource for self-starters seeking to remain one step ahead.


Through our tailored non-executive director training and online resources, NEDonBoard keeps boardroom professionals connected with the latest industry developments and with each other. We aim to keep you right up to date with current regulations, policies and governance to ensure you are always well-informed.

Read the latest NEDonBoard posts

Non-executive directors and board members can visit our blog for the latest news, opinions and strategies around the burning topics of the moment. Our blogs are delivered by members of the NEDonBoard community, which ensures that all our content is highly relevant to you. We set the agenda for the boardrooms of today and tomorrow.

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As a membership organisation, focused on delivering value to its members, NEDonBoard provides you with networking opportunities at each of our events. Surround yourself with your peers operating at board level, expand your network and secure relationships that may well lead to NED roles and other board opportunities..

“Excellent course for any aspiring or experienced (non-executive) director who would like to get to grips with, or refresh their knowledge of, directors’ duties and responsibilities in the UK or get up to speed on the corporate governance framework in the UK. Delivered by experts, it contains practical tips and actionable guidance. The course overview and links to primary sources and codes help the user navigate the main content and enhance the user’s experience”

Joe Mensah-Dankwah, Director, Foresters Solicitors

“Extremely well structured. Excellent: well presented, engaging & relevant. Really useful”.

Janice Steed, Associate at Ashridge Hult

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be of immense value”

Lionel Jones, Director, Battersea Power Station Development Company

“I am enjoying the course (…). I feel it is a beneficial investment in my career and will provide me with the necessary content to ensure I am prepared for NED interviews and prepared to start my portfolio. My learning outcome will enable me to secure a NED role easier and faster.”.

Ken Towning, Non-Executive director