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Become a more effective non-executive director or board member. This section provides an extensive resource of information and collection of NEDonBoard Board Best Practice Guides. Not only have we poured our knowledge into the compendium but the Board Best Practice Guides also contain a wealth of material from some of our most revered community members.

What to Expect of the NED Role


Board Best Practice, Audit Committee


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NEDonBoard education and certification

With courses ranging from “How to Become an Effective NED” to “Finance in the Boardroom” and “How to Write your NED CV”, NEDonBoard supports its community at each stage of their board level and non-executive career

How do you become an effective Non-Executive Director

This specialised course is intended for business leaders on track to become non-executive directors (NEDs), committee chairs and board members or those newly in a non-exec role. Join us to develop your skills.

NEDonBoard – Boardroom Finance Course

NEDonBoard, 1 Day Boardroom Finance Course – Finance for Non-Financial Independent Directors A succinct, 1 day course, with pre-course reading and videoed materials provided to ensure that you get the most from your day.

Sharpen your expertise and talents. Live webinars, interviews and panel insights from some of the most accomplished non-executive directors and board members. NEDonboard interviews and panel discussions are great resources to be effective in your next board meeting.

Live webinars, interviews and panel insights from some of the most accomplished non-executive directors. NEDonboard interviews and panel discussions are a great opportunity to learn and grow a successful non-executive career. Browse our library or sign-up for the next live broadcast.

Boardroom Culture and Engagement: Annemarie Durbin


Addressing questions around boardroom culture, the positive and negative factors relating to engagement in the boardroom and where new non-executive directors often go wrong, experienced non-executive director and executive coach Annemarie Durbin shares some excellent pointers and tips in a 1:1 interview following an informative NEDonBoard panel evening.

Articles from the NEDonBoard community

Gain insights leveraging our hundreds of our articles and written interviews, centred on boardroom relevant topics and personal experience. Attract new opportunities by participating in board level discussions.

How to Raise Your Profile and Visibility for the NED Market

Some key points to help you raise your visibility and promote your personal brand. By Matt Craven, Founder of The CV & Interview Advisors The Non-Executive Director market is highly competitive and due to the importance of selecting the right NED, organisations rightly perform extensive due diligence on prospective candidates before making a hiring decision.…

“What I really like: That I can work towards achieving my objective. A precise statement of the duties & responsibilities of a NED”.

Joe Mensah-Dankwah, Director, Foresters Solicitors

“Extremely well structured. Excellent: well presented, engaging & relevant. Really useful”.

Janice Steed, Associate at Ashridge Hult

“Excellent, Loads of content, there’s a book there!”

Lionel Jones, Director, Battersea Power Station Development Company

“Three really informative and experienced presenters. Highly recommend this to those thinking of transitioning to a NED position”.

Ken Towning, Non-Executive director