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Join the board revolution. A letter for the NEDonBoard General Director.

non executive director

Dear fellow board members,


Your participation in NEDonBoard activities made 2019 our best year ever, that’s completely thanks to you – our community of NEDonBoard members. So whichever cities you’re reading this from, thank you for being the biggest part of the board revolution.

NEDonBoard exceeded nearly all of its targets, (except for one, please see where NEDonBoard fell short at the end of this message), in terms of individual and corporate member engagement, connections made, new job appointments secured by NEDonBoard members, board consulting services, delivery of high-quality of training programmes and boardroom knowledge.

This has made NEDonBoard the main institute for non-executive directors and board members in the UK.


NEDonBoard has enriched its platform with more exclusive content and dedicated training for individual and corporate members. The NEDonBoard platform is the reference for boardroom knowledge (i.e. insightful and modern content for effective Boards), made by board members for board members. In the words of our members and corporate clients, three NEDonBoard unique features are:

  1. A strong moral compass, providing a safe environment for non-executive director and board members;
  2. Excellence and authenticity, being the reference for Board knowledge;
  3. Innovative and progressive, producing effective, strong and modern boards equipped today to seize opportunities and respond to the challenges of tomorrow.


All of these accomplishments were only possible because of the vibrant community of non-executive directors and board members.

In 2020 and years to come, NEDonBoard will continue to serve:

  •  every UK company with a Board in place (or that needs one) who are looking for independent, high-quality and cost-effective corporate governance advice and training: these organisations want their boards to be up to date with evolving regulations as well as leading and emerging board best practices. ; and
  • every individual looking to transition or to excel as a non-executive director or board member.

NEDonBoard produces boards competent at realising today’s opportunities and meeting tomorrow’s challenges.


Thank you.

Thanks to their access to the NEDonBoard platform, UK Boards understand and meet the requirements of their investors, lenders and regulators; get information about governance changes, follow Board Best Practices and leverage governance as a competitive advantage.

In particular, we would like to thank our corporate members (listed companies, public and private organisations) who trust us to train and provide their boards with relevant and practical content. We thank them for making use of our consulting and training services in governance, strategy, board evaluation and Board Best Practices® as well as access to policymakers.

On top of that, NEDonBoard is particularly proud to have expanded the pool of effective, modern and well trained non-executive directors and board members.

NEDonBoard is now recognised as the preferred partner for organisations looking to attract diverse and high caliber professionals to their board. We thank our members for their commitment to their NED career and engagement for strong, modern and effective boards.

We thank the hundreds of individuals whom NEDonBoard serves and who have attended our best in class training in a cost-effective way. We thank those business leaders looking to train as non-executive directors or board members through the proprietary NEDonBoard model and programme. As of December 2019, based on the feedback forms received, 100% of our attendees would recommend the programme to transitioning non-executive directors.

We want to congratulate the hundreds of individuals who secured a role using the NEDonBoard services and the introductions & connections that we have facilitated. The community has again grown tremendously, and it is a pleasure to read stories of your success through your e-mails or in person at our events.

We thank our partners in 2019, such as Clyde & Co, Natwest Edinburgh, Tindall Perry, TechManchester, Mazars, Herbert Smith Freehills, PwC, Mercer, St James Place Wealth management to name a few for supporting us in equipping boards with principles, knowledge, and skills that recognise commercial success and value creation and are underpinned by strong corporate social responsibility, accountability and sustainability.

On behalf of NEDonBoard, I take the opportunity to thank the speakers, panel chairs and contributors for sharing their experiences with the community of NEDs and board members. I would like to thank the thought leaders who are shaping the boardroom landscape in the UK, and the many more who participate to our events, training, and publications. Together, we advance knowledge for the benefit of all UK boards.

Finally, I can only be grateful for having such a great team around me. I would like to thank the amazing NEDonBoard team for their hard work and first-class service, including the NEDonBoard ambassadors and advisory board members for their support.


In more detail

Connection. NEDonBoard connects businesses and organisations with the community of non-executive directors and board members. NEDonBoard audience reached 45,000, 2.2 million p.a. multi-channel media messages, hundreds of senior business leaders attending events (board members, NEDs and aspiring NEDs) from mid-sized and FTSE companies, private businesses, not-for-profit organisations in 2019. NEDonBoard has a sectoral breadth and numeric depth of senior leaders that drive 55% of UK GDP and that are most open to innovation. NEDonBoard has helped secure thousands NED roles for the benefit of our members over the years. In addition to our online jobs board, our events in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and throughout the UK have created hundreds of connections and NED opportunities to those attending. NEDonBoard events continue to attract a broad pool of talents and are an excellent forum to meet with companies looking to appoint board advisers and non-executive directors and board-level peers. Please access our programme of events.


Knowledge. NEDonBoard serves all non-executive directors, business leaders, businesses and organisations seeking knowledge, professional development and inspiration for their Boards. NEDonBoard continues to advance knowledge by releasing insightful and practical knowledge for UK Boards. In 2019, we brought to our community content on the responsibilities of the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee and on the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies. Over the year, we have also added exclusive content on highly topical corporate governance themes including stakeholder engagement, climate change and ESG more broadly as well as digital transformation, to name a few.

NEDonBoard provides best in-class training in a cost-effective way for business leaders looking to train as  non-executive directors or board members. Virtually 100% of committed graduates of the NED Accelerator Programme by NEDonBoard become non-executive committee and board members with a broad range of organisations, suited to their aspirations and objectives. We provide in-house and bespoke training for companies on an ongoing basis.


Authority. NEDonBoard sets the standards for effective governance. NEDonBoard is the main institute for non-executive directors and board members. In August 2019, NEDonBoard entered the list of the most influential bodies in the UK. In 2019, we engaged with 10 Downing Street to assess how board members can help create the best business conditions after Brexit. In 2020, we will continue to engage with policymakers to ensure that the voice of the non-executive director and board member is taken into account. We will review 1. the application of the new code of corporate governance with FRC/ARGA, for example, how to protect yourself as a NED; 2. the Wates principle with James Wates, NEDonBoard member who lead the development of corporate governance principles for large private companies. We will continue the dissemination of Board Best Practices.


Still more to do. Unfortunately, some boards have yet to embrace change and innovation.

The U.K. Corporate Governance Code was revised in 2018 to charge boards with establishing the company’s purpose, values, and strategy.

This debate is still theoretical for some, but its practical implications are very deep. Some boards still approach it with a tick-box mindset. With investors, regulators, and the public calling for greater clarity of corporate purpose, boards have no other choice but to think carefully about it.

How will the role of boards change over the next decade? Information is coming in rapidly and the expectation is to answer timely and appropriately.

If you are a decision-maker within UK Boards that meet external obligations, such as comply with regulators, legislators or comply with relevant corporate governance codes (e.g. the Wates Corporate Governance Principles, QCA Code, UK Corporate Governance Code) or meet the requirements of your investors or lenders (e.g. ESG friendly funds), or understand it is time to take into account all stakeholders and your impact on society, it is time you join the Board revolution.

Boards are tackling wide topics from board governance to societal impact. Pressures from stakeholders and investors are forcing boards to revisit their actions. NEDonBoard will support the ones that want to stay on top of this evolution.

If you believe, like us, good governance is good business; if you believe, like us, improving internal operation and to get information about governance change can be leveraged as a competitive advantage; If you believe, like us, we need to fast track appointments to boards of new and diverse non-executive directors; If you believe like us, we need to produce effective, strong and modern boards equipped today to seize the opportunities and respond to the challenges of tomorrow, it is time you join NEDonBoard.

For 2020, NEDonBoard will continue to provide value to UK Boards/Group members with a stronger focus on digital transformation, ESG including climate change, diversity/inclusion and stakeholder engagement, new regulations by publishing practical guides on board best practices; organising majors events in London and regional events with the board members community; influencing public debate and being the voice of non-executive director and board members. But complying with regulators and legislators and delivering board best practices to the companies on which boards you serve will not be enough.


We also need to empower the next generation of board members.

How many boards actually reflect, in the makeup of their board, the makeup of their customer base? As an example, FTSE100 companies are failing to improve the ethnic diversity of their boardrooms by properly resourcing change.

NEDonBoard training provides a clear path for business leaders with diverse background and experiences to become effective non-executive directors, through its proprietary NEDonBoard model.

We need to broaden the pool of well-trained no-executive directors, from a professional body and CPD accredited provider. On top of growing the talented pool of Board members, we need to nurture the next generation and protect them in the exercise of their function of UK board leaders.

UK Boards of all sizes need to nurture, protect, attract and grow talented board members. They need to plan for succession or fundraising. They need to increase diversity and attract skilled employees. They need to be better at what they do or at least not depreciating in value for their board of directors. They need to protect their reputation.

For consultants, business owners or senior executives looking to transition to the board (or NED role), who want to prepare (i.e. knowledge and practical steps) or want to understand if the NED role is for them, and secure a role, we know the formula. What you need to know to make an impact as a modern board member. You can fast track your access to the board with NED Accelerator Programme by NEDonBoard.

For organisations that want to attract and grow their next generation of leaders, NEDonBoard offers the NEDonBoard model service to prepare (i.e. knowledge and practical step) their senior executives to NED and Board roles through its best-in-class and cost-effective content while keeping our independence (i.e. no commercial agenda except to produce the most useful and practical information’s for board members.)


Where NEDonBoard fell short

As of January 2020, unfortunately, less than 2% of UK listed companies are part of NEDonBoard, through the NEDonBoard Group Membership.

In 2019, few companies have destroyed shareholder value or negatively impacted their stakeholders and society: Thomas Cook, Saatchi, Metro Bank to name a few.

My best wishes go to all the families that have to support the consequences of the decisions made by these boards. How many more do we need? RBS, HBOS, Tesco, BHS, Carillion…

For 2020, our new year resolution is to ensure 10% of UK Boards embrace the Board revolution.

Again, it will only be possible thanks to your willingness.


Your turn

In the next decade, NEDonBoard will continue to extend the world’s board members knowledge in order to make companies more productive, effective, sustainable and successful. NEDonBoard will be here to produce effective, strong and modern boards equipped today to seize the opportunities and respond to the challenges of tomorrow.

We will continue to do its by equipping boards with principles, knowledge and skills that recognise commercial success and value creation are underpinned by strong corporate social responsibility, accountability and sustainability.


If you would like more details for your board, please email us at [email protected]. Join us for one of our events or book your confidential consultation with a member of the NEDonBoard team.

If you are considering a board role, even as a side-project, fast track your access to the board with NED Accelerator Programme by NEDonBoard

If you are a board member or a non-executive director, join the Board revolution and become a member.

Finally, I very much look forward to seeing most of you this year.


On behalf of NEDonBoard, I wish you a most prosperous and healthy New Year.