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NED recruitment: what’s next if you are not appointed



The NED recruitment process is competitive. Your applications may not always be successful. What to do if you are not appointed? Receiving an email or a call isn’t necessary the end. Read on to find out what is next?


  1. Ask for feedback

Always ask for feedback. The more insights from recruiters you receive, the more you can improve and secure an appointment the next time you interview.


  1. Build relationships

You will meet a few board members during the interviews. Establish connections on the back of the interviews. Those non-executive directors and board members may recommend your application to other boards or executive search firms.

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  1. Find out who has been appointed

When the non-executive appointment is announced, check who has been appointed. Find out what skills and experiences they have. What was missing in your application? Draw your own conclusions from the press release, which may complement the feedback you received. Do you need to develop and increase your knowledge and skills? Do you need board training or a professional qualification for non-executive directors?


  1. Respect the recruitment process

You may be frustrated at times. Because of the time you have committed to the process. Or because you thought you were the perfect fit. Always remain professional and respect the process, leveraging it rather than criticising it.


Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO


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