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NEDonBoard supports Maanch Coronavirus Response Fund, to Boost Covid-19 Related Philanthropy

Non executive director

NEDonBoard, the professional body for non-executive directors and board members in the UK, collaborated with Maanch to donate 15% of their new membership sign-ups during the period of the lockdown.

“As a community of senior executives, we wanted to contribute responsibly during these challenging times. Maanch came as a natural fit for their focus on transparency and impact reporting by using tech and alignment with our values” says Jean-Philippe Perraud, General Director of NEDonBoard.


Impactful Initiatives

The Maanch Coronavirus Response Fund was launched to support the most impactful initiatives locally and globally to overcome the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic, and have an immediate as well as long term global impact. By partnering with Maanch, businesses pledge to create genuine, visible impact in immediate areas of need, in a manner that is aligned with their strategic focus.

NEDonBoard, a professional body and an institute, equips boards with principles, knowledge and skills that recognise that commercial success and value creation are underpinned by strong corporate social responsibility, accountability and sustainability.

“We are proud to have partners like NEDonBoard as trailblazers, raising the bar for companies to be frontrunners in responding to this crisis. Corporations have been at the forefront of galvanizing action towards solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We must lean into this moment and into our collective capacity to address the needs arising from the current global crisis.” says Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO of Maanch.


The Fund focuses on maximizing global impact by coordinating philanthropic response efforts by:

  • Surfacing high-impact opportunities, particularly those related to building long term capacity and resilience.
  • Support vulnerable communities, for philanthropic networks seeking new COVID-19 related projects.
  • Identifying and filling financing gaps, and coordinating efforts to direct new capital to high-impact solutions.


Data from their Global Response Dashboard reports:

  • 194 projects have been submitted looking to raise £43,748,760 for global Covid-19 efforts from 28 countries with the potential to have an impact on over 129,915,865 lives
  • 791 projects that have already been funded by our funding partners for a total of £80.8M

Write to NEDonBoard ([email protected]) or Maanch ([email protected]) to know more about joining the global collaborative to support COVID Relief.



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