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Setting your NED career objectives


Setting your NED career objectives can help you to define your goals and priorities, and to develop a plan for achieving them. Here are some steps that you can follow to set your board career objectives:

Reflect on your current situation: Take some time to reflect on where you are in your career, and what you have achieved so far. Consider your strengths and areas of expertise and think about your professional and personal achievements. This will help you to gain a better understanding of your current situation, and to identify areas where you may want to focus your efforts. For first-time NEDs, reflecting on your current situation is an essential step to defining your value proposition to boards.

Define your goals: Once you have a clear understanding of your current situation, you can start to define your goals for the coming year or months. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). For example, rather than simply saying that you want to advance in your career, you could set a goal of applying for a non-executive role by a specific date, or of completing a certain number of professional development courses by a certain date. NEDonBoard offers a range of training programmes adapted to where you are on your board journey, from first-time to established non-executive director. Contact us to discuss specialised modules to add additional skills to your profile.

Develop a plan: Once you have defined your goals, you can start to develop a plan for achieving them. This plan should include specific steps that you will take, as well as any resources or support that you may need. Be sure to include deadlines and milestones, and to regularly review and adjust your plan as needed. Setting aside time each month to work on specific tasks, seeking out opportunities or networking with your peers. For example, you may commit to attend one of our events once a month.

Seek support: Setting and achieving career goals can be challenging, and you may need support along the way. Consider reaching out to mentors, colleagues, or other professionals who can provide guidance and advice. You may also want to join a professional association or networking group, such as NEDonBoard, the Institute of Board Members that can help you to achieve your goals.

Overall, setting your career objectives can help you to define your goals and priorities, and to develop a plan for achieving them. By reflecting on your current situation, defining your goals, developing a plan, and seeking support, you can take control of your career and work towards achieving your long-term objectives.

Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO.