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Why and how NEDonBoard members should highlight their membership on their NED CV


In this blog post, we highlight why and how the NEDonBoard membership can make a difference in the NED selection process, from being shortlisted to interviews to securing a role. Becoming a NEDonBoard member is part of your journey to achieve your NED aspirations and career objectives. We remind our community of NEDs and board members of the importance of having an up-to-date NED CV and LinkedIn Profile that articulates your unique value proposition i.e. the unique set of skills and experience that you bring to a board.

Why are you a member of NEDonBoard

NEDonBoard is a professional body for non-executive directors and board members. Professionals join NEDonBoard because they want:

  • NED roles. Members are looking to transition to a portfolio career or build a portfolio. NEDonBoard proposes a jobs board and match-making events across the UK.
  • Knowledge. Experienced NEDs and board members need a safe environment in which they can exchange with their peers at board level and learn from other NEDs and chairs.
  • Connection. Networking is an important element of the search for NED roles. All NEDs, aspiring or experienced, need a network of board level professionals that will connect them to NED and chair opportunities. 


Why and how your NEDonBoard membership can make a difference in your appointment

To recruiters, chairs and NEDs, your NEDonBoard membership demonstrates:

  • Your understanding of the NED role. NEDs have duties and obligations that need to be well understood. If you have attended events or completed training such as the NED Accelerator Programme that discusses the NED role, please include them on your CV and profile.
  • An investment in your ongoing professional development. The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies says that “Companies should demonstrate a commitment to the ongoing professional development of their board, and directors should embrace such opportunities and ensure that they have sufficient time to discharge their duties”. The NEDonBoard membership and attendance to the NEDonBoard events (or listening to replays) demonstrate a commitment to your ongoing professional development.     
  • Your commitment to be effective in the boardroom. The mission statement of NEDonBoard is to promote the effective operation of boards. Your NEDonBoard membership allows you to associate yourself with the NEDonBoard mission.

Your CV and LinkedIn profile must outline your membership with professional organisations, such as NEDonBoard as well as the courses, training, events that you have completed and round-table discussions which you have attended.

Not all memberships are equal! Be mindful of outlining memberships with reputable institutions. A professional body status guarantees the quality and professionalism of your membership organisation.


Ensure that your CV and LinkedIn profile are compelling

Your success in securing your next NED role depends on several factors. Having a modern-day and high impact NED CV and LinkedIn profile is one of them. Your CV and LinkedIn profile must be built to convey your unique value proposition to boards. In addition to your skills and experiences at board level, your NEDonBoard membership will further support the robustness of your application. 

We see many aspiring and existing NEDs struggling to gain traction in the market-place and this is typically for two reasons:

  • The individual is relying on broad and general skills and has failed to define their NED offering i.e. their value proposition / offering to a board. NEDs are engaged for several reasons, but more often than not, a board is investing in a specific set of skills, knowledge or experience; seldom are they simply investing in many years of business experience (they have this themselves). This NED offering and value proposition needs to be communicated in an effective way on your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • The second reason is a general disregard towards CVs (and LinkedIn profiles). An aspiring or existing NED might be an extremely talented individual, but if their CV fails to communicate this, then a prospective board will never know.

A CV is expected to present a strong business case that explains why a board should consider the individual for a NED position. Simply providing a list of where one has worked with brief details of each role is not sufficient. If you are shortlisted for an opportunity, virtually all of decision makers will then view your LinkedIn profile, so it is crucial that your LinkedIn profile is compelling and consistent with your NED CV.


Important notes:

Not yet a member? Please visit our membership page and sign-up to join our vibrant community of board professionals.

The NED Accelerator Programme by NEDonBoard has a module dedicated to the NED CV, including a framework to come up with your value proposition, a NED CV template and examples of value propositions and board/career highlights. Graduates of the NED Accelerator also receive feedback on their Board CV.


Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO