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The NEDonBoard Board Ready-Brexit Ready

NEDonBoard Brexit-Ready

In February 2019, NEDonBoard met at 10 Downing Street to discuss how the NEDonBoard community of non-executive directors and board members can contribute to create the best business conditions in the UK after Brexit. This meeting follows the launch of our Board Ready-Brexit Ready initiative in October.


Brexit is the ‘mother of all risks’ facing corporate Britain today. Communication to and from the large community of NEDonBoard professionals indicates that boards and companies might not be fully prepared for Brexit and its consequences. To support businesses and in addition to engaging with the UK government, NEDonBoard has gathered a cadre of Directors ready to step up for those companies who wish to deal with Brexit risks and opportunities properly.


“Brexit has many uncertainties to sort through and Boards need the right mix of skills. They need the right Directors in the Boardroom to supplement existing teams, and we have those Directors”,

General Director of NEDonBoard, Jean-Philippe Perraud.


NEDonBoard has prepared a cadre of ‘Board-Ready-Brexit-Ready’ Directors and executives specialising in areas such as:

  • Brexit geo-strategic risk;
  • Brexit logistics and supply chain risk assessment;
  • Brexit international opportunities focusing in some of major Commonwealth countries;
  • Brexit related risk management and business continuity;
  • Brexit ready communications, shareholder and stakeholder management risks.

“We have prepared our cadre to be able to take practical steps to help firms survive and thrive in the wake of the UK vote to leave the European Union”, Perraud says.

‘Board-Ready- Brexit-Ready’ professionals are prepared to identify the uncertainties, risks and opportunities that can be broadly categorised across three phases:

  • The Near-Term: as the UK discusses exit terms and future arrangements;
  • The Mid-Term: as future arrangements are realised after the exit; and
  • Enduring: as new relationships with countries outside of the EU develop.

Organisations looking to strengthen their boards with Brexit-relevant skills, experiences and expertise should contact us at [email protected].

NEDs and board members with relevant experiences should contact us at [email protected]. Note that given the high level of responses that we have already received, priority will be given to those already involved with NEDonBoard as a member or as a contributor.

We look forward to supporting businesses throughout these challenging times.

Elise Perraud, on behalf of NEDonBoard


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