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Future-fit NED: tips and recommendations from NEDonBoard, the Institute of Board Members

Being an effective NED

Non-executive directors and board members, as company directors, have responsibilities over the financial viability of the company on which they serve. The collapse of Carillion has exposed the failings of certain individuals and it is crucial for non-executive directors and board members to remain current, hear the perspective and views of boardroom experts and be part of their Professional Body. In this blog post, we share with our community of non-executive directors and board members some of our recommendations for you to stay current, remain effective and enjoy their portfolio career. Our recommendations reflect the work we have performed with our community. Our members have 5 to 20 years of board experience.   

  • Invest in your professional development. The business environment is fast-evolving and the scope of items requiring decision-making by NEDs and board members is large, diverse and expanding: regulation, disruption, big data, cyber security, artificial intelligence, activist investors, stakeholder engagement, diversity, etc. It is important for non-executive directors and board members to acknowledge the need to keep learning so that when a topic comes up in the boardroom, relevant questions can be asked leading to effective discussions and decision-making. NEDonBoard offers regular events on a variety of boardroom relevant topics. We publish Board Best Practice® guides and white papers, supporting our community in the exercise of their responsibilities. 


  • Connect with your board member peers. The NEDonBoard community is diverse and there is tremendous value in interacting with professionals offering true diversity of thinking. Our events include time for connection and networking.   


  • Maintain your NED CV. The portfolio NED career is not static. Opportunities may arise, you may want to expand your portfolio, change roles or focus.   


  • Mentor the next generation of business leaders. The community of aspiring NEDs is large and growing. Not all of these individuals will become NEDs, let alone effective NEDs. This pool of talents needs guidance and coaching so that they fully understand their duties, liabilities and responsibilities as a NED and board member. Register your interest in mentoring an aspiring member of the NEDonBoard community at [email protected].   


  • Take part in one of our panel events or write blog post. We value your experience and expertise, as other members of the NEDonBoard community. Express your ideas, share your thoughts and engage in discussions with the network. NEDonBoard offers the platform for its community to be visible to other members, head-hunters and organisations actively looking to appoint NEDs. Register your interest in contributing a panel event or writing an article at [email protected] 


  • Promote leading practices and contribute to the NEDonBoard Board Best Practice® guides and white papers. We also offer the platform for experienced NEDs to contribute to good corporate governance. Our Board Best Practice® series connects boardroom experts, non-executive directors and board members, who constitute the taskforce that discusses leading boardroom practices on a specific topic (e.g. the NED role, succession planning, artificial intelligence). Our white papers, evening panel events and expert interviews are the primary output of our series.   


  • Request the boards on which you serve to join the NEDonBoard Group Membership. The Group Membership is available to organisations looking to have their board members engaged with NEDonBoard.  


To be informed about our events, courses and NED roles, subscribe to the newsletter and become a member. We would love to know more about your NED experience, your expertise and interest in improving corporate governance practices. Contact us at [email protected] to share your thoughts and ideas and we will arrange a call.