Boardroom Dynamics – Chairman Insights, Patrick Dunne

The boardroom dynamic is a crucial factor to a well-functioning board.

Following a NEDonBoard interview with renowned Chairman, Patrick Dunne, this article is a succinct highlight of some important contributors, from the perspective of the Chairman.

What are the key ingredients for an effective board?

  • Clarity of purpose
  • The right people working together in the right way
  • A really good simple process to make it all work

As a Chairman, what makes your heart sing?

When someone presents the most difficult, challenging question with an ‘I love you’ face. They are full of warmth, full of support but are asking a really central, challenging question; it gets the right response.

Where can NEDs sometimes go wrong?

When they have the most fantastic point but they blow it with the way they make it, and that point then doesn’t get listened to….it takes quite a bit of skill to get back to that point.

Well worth watching, to view Patrick’s full video interview, please visit the NEDonBoard YouTube Channel

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