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What are the benefits of NED training courses?

What are the benefits of NED training courses?

NED training empowers new and established non-executive directors to maximise their potential. NEDonBoard explains the benefits of enrolling onto one of our NED training courses.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is a concept that is just as crucial for aspiring and established non-executive directors (NEDs) as it is for graduate new hires. That is because the most effective NEDs are continually evolving, adapting and assimilating knowledge to ensure they are as impactful as they can be for their organisation and discharge their director duties. One of the most effective methods of attaining meaningful CPD opportunities is through NED training courses.


The benefits of NED training

There are numerous advantages to enrolling in structured NED training. Here are just three of the main benefits:


One of the biggest hurdles to becoming a non-executive director isn’t a lack of skills or relevant experience, but often a lack of knowledge regarding the role and its responsibilities. Specialist NED training from NEDonBoard, the professional body for non-executive directors and board members, provides clarity. Our aim is to demystify the role of a NED and what it takes to become one, empowering candidates with the knowledge they need to succeed.


Even seasoned non-executive directors can benefit from NED training. This year alone, with the Covid-19 pandemic eliciting many new business challenges, has proven that the business landscape is always evolving. NED training enables non-executives to remain current and informed about changing regulations, best practices, digital transformation and other contemporary boardroom issues. The NEDonBoard NED Library and Board Best Practices provide a wealth of useful insights.


“It is very important to be part of a network that is looking at best practices and how you do things in the boardroom, to be better at what you do and be more informed,” said Sir James Wates, Chairman of the Wates Group, non-executive director and NEDonBoard member. When you become a member of NEDonBoard you can become more informed, impactful, visible and connected to the thriving NEDonBoard community.


NED training from NEDonBoard

We have a range of NED training course to help you get hired and execute your board duties with confidence. Our free webinar – How do you secure your first non-executive role? – provides senior business leaders with a deeper understanding of how to become a NED. Meanwhile, our NED Accelerator® Programme is a fully accredited online course that provides NED candidates with the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies required to make it as a non-executive director.

The NED Accelerator Programme offers the following benefits:

  • Build your NED and board portfolio with confidence.
  • Learn at your own pace with varied online modules.
  • Save time and money compared to other NED training.
  • Access more than five hours of exclusive content.
  • Gain an edge in interviews with insights from experienced NEDs.
  • ​Avoid common pitfalls and be well-prepared to take on NED roles.
  • ​Make measurable progress with downloadable materials to keep.
  • ​Protect your reputation as an effective NED and board member.


Our Modern Board Member Masterclass is a self-paced online course that provides board members knowledge and skills to contribute to boardroom debates positively and constructively for the sustainable success of the organisation on which they serve.

The Modern Board Member Masterclass offers the following benefits:

  • Get yourself board ready and knowledgeable on a range of contemporary boardroom topics.
  • Make a positive contribution to your board.
  • Participate in constructive discussions and open debates in the boardroom with skills and expertise.
  • Impress your board-level peers and your chair with your in-depth understanding of ESG issues.
  • Incorporate modern and contemporary considerations in your board decision-making.
  • Position your board for the future.
  • Upskill yourself and set the foundations to be a strong, modern, and effective board member.


For more information about any of NEDonBoard’s learning resources, including the NED Accelerator Programme and the Modern Board Member Masterclass, please contact us today on +44 (0) 208 1 333 220 or email [email protected].